Wondering Where to Mount your TV? We have the Answers

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Top Things to Consider Before Television Installation

Television installation can be a daunting task if you do not know where to begin. Below are questions and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

-What material and tools do I need?

If you would like we can mount your existing TV and bracket or you can book a television installation with material and we will bring everything. All of our technicians are fully equipped with all the tools and parts to get the job done. We can even bring the TV and bracket, just make your selection when placing your order.

-Where are the studs?

As nice as it is to find the “perfect” spot on a wall for the TV, it is not always practical. TV’s do carry quite a bit of weight and require the bracket to be mounted where studs are present. This is important for the safety of your TV as well as your family.

– Is the viewing distance appropriate for the size of my TV?

The ideal angle can vary based on the set-up of the room, lighting, TV quality, and seating arrangements. Some of these important components will be discussed below.

You do not want to mount a small TV too far away or a large TV too close to your seating. The viewing angle is made up of several components including: height mounted from the ground, horizontal position, vertical position, as well as seating distance from the TV. When calculating viewing distance accounting for appropriate height eye level is important; eye level is calculated from a distance while sitting down, rather than standing up.

For reference, the ideal average height to mount a television is 45” from the ground if your viewing distance is 6’. TV’s mounted too high can result in neck strain, while TV’s mounted too low can result in compromised viewing quality. Don’t have your tape measure handy, no problem, TV Troops is at your service.

-Is there a window or large sliding door with direct sunlight on the opposite wall?

This can become a glare issue, in some cases. The problem can be solved by selecting certain bracket choices that are discussed below, which can help mediate some of the effects of glare and sunlight.

– Can I hang my TV above the fireplace?

The fireplace mantel is the focal point of the room, it is a matter of personal preference, if you would like your TV to be a part of the focus of the room, then it may be the perfect fit.

Fireplace mantels are often a favorite area for TV mounting, however, you must consider if the height of the TV will allow for a comfortable viewing angle and that the area is secure from high heat that could damage your television. TV’s are designed to withstand a certain amount of heat, however, one must consider how often the fireplace is used, if the area where the TV will hang will warm up beyond the recommended temperature and if debris, such as soot from the fireplace will get into TV components, causing damage.

– Where will all my components go?

It is always best to have a plan for all the extras that are plugged into the TV, either in the form of a cabinet, concealed behind the TV, or on a rack, if you have a larger collection of equipment. No one wants all those extra cables and boxes to make their home appear messy. There are many options available, such as cabinets, racks, and even mounting some equipment directly behind the television itself. The size of the components, need for accessibility, and frequency of use are always factors to consider when planning exactly where you want each component.

– Do I need in-wall concealment?

It depends on a few factors, the first is the location of your electrical outlet relative to the location of the TV. If there is a power outlet directly behind where the TV will be mounted, which is a common occurrence in newer houses, then you may not need any concealment. If your electrical outlet is a few feet away, this option is not recommended. If your electrical outlet is directly below your TV or very close, you may want to consider wire mold, which will still be visible, but look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If your electrical outlet is quite far away from the television or you really don’t like to see any cables, then in-wall concealment is the way to go. This will allow the TV power cable to be hidden inside the wall, where no one will see it.

-What type of bracket should I choose?

There are many options with brackets these days.

The simplest is fixed, this is a bracket that does not move, it is ideal if your viewing angle has some versatility and is in a great position. This option allows your TV to be almost flush with the wall, taking up the least space. It is also the most budget friendly mounting option.

The next option is tilt, this allows you to move the TV horizontally, it can help adjust for glare. It is a great option, if you require mounting above eye level, for example, if you are mounting your TV above the fireplace mantel, it gives you some versatility to adjust the angle.

The final bracket option is full motion, this is the most flexible and allows you to move the TV in all four directions, allowing for the best viewing experience and angle. This is the most versatile option, especially if your TV is mounted in an area with direct sunlight or if you have extended seating, which may require angle adjustments. Also, it is an excellent choice if you will be mounting your TV in a corner.

Don’t know the best place for your TV? No problem, Tech Troops is at your service and will help you adjust the mounting position. If you have any questions, Tech Troops can help you find the ideal position for the best viewing experience when coming to the television installation.


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