Why Should I Get My Television Professionally Mounted?

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A Professional TV mounting service can save you the headache of doing it yourself as well as the damage of mistakes.

Placement and Tools

You may have trouble finding the studs and put unnecessary holes in the walls, if you do not find the studs on your first try. Also, without the proper tools, it may be challenging to mount a TV properly, because TV’s do carry quite a bit of weight and need to be secured properly.

With professional TV mounting services, your TV will be securely mounted, where studs are present at the right angle and height on the first try. This will result in a more aesthetically pleasing design and you can even purchase advanced options, such as in-wall cable concealment, which may be challenging to do by yourself, if you do not have the proper tools and knowledge.

Product Compatibility

Every bracket is not designed for every television. One must consider the size of the television and aspects of the mounting area to decide which bracket type works best. Not all brackets are made equal. It is important to ensure a sturdy bracket is selected to have your TV hang securely. The last thing you want is a broken TV or an injury to occur, if the television falls.

With professional TV mounting, we will ensure you receive a top quality bracket that is compatible with the TV of your choice and will hang securely.

Potential Damage to Your TV and Walls

TV’s are expensive pieces of equipment, they are also delicate. If a TV falls, it may break beyond repair or require repair services that can cost you more than a professional mounting. If you are mounting by yourself and do not get the right placement, you could also cause damage to your walls, which may require patching and/ or painting afterwards.

Professional installers are trained and skilled in mounting, have various tools to ensure minimal drilling and find the studs on the first try, ensuring your home will not be damaged in the process.

Frustration Free

It can be frustrating to do something, if you have never done it before and do not have the proper tools for the job.

Getting your TV professionally mounted will save you the headache and frustration; technicians are skilled and trained in television mounting and have experience meaning it will usually take a small fraction of the time compared to a DIY mounting.


TV installers, such as Tech Troops can bring all the necessary equipment and even the TV directly to your home, meaning you do not have to wait in line at the store, worry about your TV being stolen upon delivery, or drive to the store to find out that they do not have the model that you want in stock. Picking tools and brackets can also be a challenge. We make it simple for you to order everything in one shot, saving you the time and the hassle of picking compatible products and having to shop for all the components.

Overall, professional TV mounting can help you achieve the perfect placement without damaging your equipment or walls. It will also save you the hassle and frustration of attempting the job yourself.



tv mounting service so you can avoid disaster tv falling from above fireplace and shattering


TV mount service to avoid disaster- broken screen


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