I’m just starting my audio/ video set up what should I buy?

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The Basics of Setting Up Your Audio/ Video System

Picking up the best possible solutions is essential when your goal is to experience highest quality sound and picture. Audio/ Video service providers can help you select  products based on your entertainment needs. Most people do not build their audio/ video collection overnight, but gradually with time.

We can give you a few tips to start off your collection, if you are not quite sure how to approach the endeavor of building your system. Picture and sound are both extremely important in getting the best experience possible every time. No one wants a fuzzy picture or hard to hear sound, especially in moments of suspense, when it matters most.

A good quality television is a good starting point, because it will probably be one of the most used pieces of equipment. We recommend and sell Samsung TV’s due to their durability and reliability. They have crisp picture quality and clear sound that does not hesitate or muffle, when increasing volume.

Sonos is a great addition to any audio/video collection, due to the versatility of many of the products and unbelievable sound quality. Sonos can be used for many purposes to make your music and movie experience magnificent all the time.

The Beam, Playbar, and Playbase can make any movie experience a magical one, by creating a surround sound experience. Sonos is designed to direct sound in various directions to make you feel like you are a part of the experience. These same components could be used to stream music, television, podcasts, and much more, meaning the fun does not end at movies.

Sonos doesn’t just make soundbars, Sonos speakers can be used for music or paired with a television. The Sonos One, Play 5, and Move are also excellent choices for any living arrangement, because they do not require mounting or drilling, meaning they are not tied down to any single location and you can move them to another space or around your house as you please. Most importantly there is no drilling and no mess.

All Sonos components can also be controlled right from your phone via the Sonos application making system control easy. The Sonos One, Move, and Beam all have Alexa and Google Assistant built right in meaning you can use your voice to control your devices making access and control simple no matter what you are doing.

The Sub can provide a rich audio experience, as it can bring sound to life with the perfect bass frequencies. This can really make you feel like you are in the moment.

No matter how big or small your collection, quality products are key in having the best audio/video experience every time. Having high quality picture and audio can make a huge difference in your viewing and listening experience.

Still not sure what audio/ video service and products you need? Contact Tech Troops today to learn more.

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