Custom Alarm Systems Keep Your Home or Business Secure and Offer Many Benefits

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Customized Burglar Alarm Monitoring Service

Burglar alarm monitoring service and installations are made customized to the property. We create systems based on your needs, no cookie cutter packages meaning every alarm system can have a different setup that is customized to your needs and budget. You choose exactly where you want sensors, meaning you control exactly what areas are secure.

Doors and motions are recommended for every property, however, every home is different and has different needs. We recommend ensuring each main door is secure as well as any other easily accessible windows that can be an easy target for burglars.

Motions are recommended for every space, no matter how big or small. The quantity should be adjusted based on square footage and the layout of the home. Motion detectors are detrimental, as one must consider the possibility that a burglar may not enter through a door, but may try to enter through a window to be more discreet. Motion detectors ensure movement is detected and the alarm goes off alerting the burglar that he or she has been spotted.

Often, the siren will not only alert the burglar, but will also be heard in range of the premises. If that is not enough to intimidate the burglar, the alarm monitoring will take action to ensure you and the proper authorities are aware of the incident and can take further action, when every second matters.

Alarm Monitoring for 24/7 Protection No Matter Where You Are

Burglar alarm monitoring service ensures that your home or business is secure at all times. Let’s say you are on vacation or you can’t make it to your phone, no problem. Our central station works 24/7 no matter what, meaning your home is always secure. The central station will call the provided numbers and dispatch police, if no answer is received or if the contact informs the central station operator that the signal may not be a false alarm.

Complete Control of Your Property with Remote Application

Our easy to use application gives you remote access to your alarm system at all times. It allows you to see which sensors are open or activated. This gives you full control of your system when you need it. If you forget to arm your system, you can always just open up your application and arm it with the click of a button. Have someone coming over, but don’t want to leave your property unsecured? Just open up your app upon the arrival of your guest and disarm it, keeping your passcode private.

Tech Troops works with COPS Monitoring Service and to ensure your property is always protected and giving you flexibility no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Still have questions about burglar alarm monitoring? Feel free to contact Tech Troops via chat or our contact form.

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