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Sonos Installations Made Easy

Create the ultimate home audio experience by pairing a Sonos  installation with your TV mounting. A Sonos Gold dealer, Tech Troops will partner with you to create the perfect audio experience, whether you select Sonos’ Arc for powerful sound or go full-on by adding a pair of Sonos One’s or Sonos Five’s and ground-shaking bass with a Sub subwoofer.

A Solution for Every Room and Every Home with Sonos Installation Services

sonos arc - sonos installation product

Get incredible sound for movies, games and TV with the Sonos Arc, which gives you a full range of sound effects from the left and right channels, and clear, crisp dialogue powered by eleven drivers with a sleek design to make powerful sound fit anywhere.

sonos installation product black playbase

The slim profile of the Playbase vanishes below your TV on stands or furniture, but don’t worry – with its powerful widescreen sound, you’ll never miss it. Plus, discover the flexibility of the Sonos app, which allows you to send music to a single speaker, create music zones within your home, or unite your entire system in harmony.

sonos black beam installation services

The compact Sonos Beam soundbar has Amazon Alexa built right in. Watch TV, or play music, check the news and more with your voice, remote, or the Sonos app. Sleek design and mounting allow for big sound without taking up  valuable space.

Sonos One
Sonos’ smallest speaker is perfect for bookshelves or counters, allowing you to enjoy great music, no matter what room you’re in.

sonos move- sonos installation product

Sonos Move
The Move is versatile and can go anywhere you go. Use the charging base to charge up and take your speaker with you without the wires. Enjoy your music when you want without compromising on quality.

black play 5 a part of sonos installation products

Sonos Five
Get the ultimate in home theater with Sonos’ biggest and best-sounding speaker, ideal for filling larger rooms with impressive sound, or for impressing the most discerning ear.

sonos installation set up audio system white sub and speakers

Don’t just hear them – FEEL those bone-shaking lows with Sonos’ Sub subwoofer, which delivers impressive bass sound while allowing your other Sonos speakers to focus on the mid and high-range frequencies.

Learn More about Sonos Installations

Keep things simple by configuring your custom Sonos audio system while you build your custom TV installation, or simply contact us to learn more about Sonos home audio system installations.

sonos installation set up speakers and playbar

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